April 11th, 2006



A poem from middleschool.

(x-posted to miss_watson and crash_babies)


My friend turned to me today
and questioned me on
how my life is.
I said
only to pacify.
She asked how I could compare
my life to a fruit
and I started to explain.

It's bitter at times
sallow and rough-skinned
not yet at its prime
and soon it will ripen
and bloom
-as do I-
with each passing day.
Maybe it's bruised
and people tend to put it back
on cold shelves until
it is raw and ripe
to their liking.

When they bite into it
with neatly-capped teeth
they go straight to the core
and continue to eat away at it
until either they're full,
disgusted or there is
nothing left
but a pit in the center-
hard and exposed
but the only evidence of the life
that was so sweet.

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