eh, wot? (miss_watson) wrote in bathroom_party,
eh, wot?

Just a reminder:

Here's a subtle reminder to everyone in this community:

You may not repost anything in here without my permission.

This is a locked community. These images should stay here and only here unless you get approval to post them elsewhere.

This is more targeted to people who have been posting my pictures in places like GJ's flamecup- hell, i'm a good sport. If you just ask, I'll totally let you use really embarassing pictures of me in flames. I don't care. xD

Fuck, i'll even find embarassing ones for you to use. I'm really a good sport and I find the whole concept of flamecup to be hilarious and I get a kick out of it... so just make sure you ask, okay?

Thanks. :)

**edit** I've even enabled anon comments, so don't be afraid to ask.

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